KDE Kate Indentation

For the most part since adopting KDE 5 as the primary desktop environment, Kate has proven to be a satisfactory and helpful text editor.

One user account ran into a speed bump. When using Kate there was no indentation after pressing the Enter key.

Comparing $HOME/.config/katerc with other user accounts found the Default indentation mode set to None. Yet changing that option to Normal made no difference.

When configured accordingly, Kate stores meta data about each file the user opens. This meta data includes the indentation mode for each file. There are two such files with $HOME/.config/katemetainfos and $HOME/.local/share/kate/anonymous.katesession. The troublesome configuration is Indentation Mode=none. This is resolved with sed to change any such lines to Indentation Mode=normal.

There is a way from within Kate to modify some of the overall meta data attributes saved with each file type, but there does not seem to be a way to fix the meta data for a specific file.

KWrite does not save meta data. The only affected option is Default indentation mode.

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