Loss of KDE Panel

Several times since starting to daily use KDE 5 the panel has disappeared. Despite the disappearance other features continue to function, such as keyboard shortcuts and KRunner.

Thus far the problem seems to have occurred only within virtual machines and after tinkering with video display settings.

Comparing copies of $HOME/.config/plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc to backups revealed a possible culprit that seems to be confirmed by related bug reports addressing issues with connecting multiple and external monitors.

When the panel disappeared, at least one of the lastScreen=0 configuration options changed to lastScreen=1. Logging out — still possible despite no panel — and restoring the values to zero resolves the problem.

Other people have reported successfully using the same remedy. This is a more palatable solution than what many people suggest, which is deleting the entire config file. That sledge hammer solution requires rebuilding the panel.

Likely there is a bug or a deficiency with how KDE is designed to detect the video display.

There probably is more to this but with a single monitor this work-around solution seems sufficient.

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