Thanks for stopping by. I hope you find my ramblings useful. Better, that you incorporate the ideas into your software and distro development.

I want free/libre software to be successful on the desktop.

There are reasons the Year of the Linux Desktop has not occurred. I explore those topics in this blog.

My focus here is mostly desktop usability, primarily from the perspective of non technical users. For many years I worked as a technical writer — I offer perspectives about usability that fellow geeks overlook.

My goal is to improve the Linux desktop. Most Linux developers are removed from the usage habits of the non technical user. Developers need nudging to add missing polish.

My goal is not to create a Windows clone. My goal is to add missing polish.

My articles and rants are not Linux bashing. Mostly they are “tough love.”

I use Linux based systems all day long. That is what I use on all of my computers.

I have installed Linux for others. The philosophy of free/libre software fits my lifestyle and worldview.

Unless declared otherwise, all software code provided within this blog is free/libre software as defined by the four freedoms. The software is provided as is without warranty of any kind.