More Annoying Sylpheed Quirks

I am still using Sylpheed as a second GUI mail client. My tolerance with Sylpheed is growing thin.

My usage preference is not to use a fixed view pane. I prefer to view emails in a floating window. This long has been my habit with Thunderbird and before that, KMail and before that Eudora.

I have found only one way to close the email window with a keyboard shortcut — using Alt+F4. Traditionally, Alt+F4 is intended to terminate apps. Using Ctrl+w and Esc do nothing. Using Ctrl+q terminates the app.

Another quirk is opening attachments. Unlike Thunderbird where I double-click the attachment link, with Syplheed I have to right-click and explicitly select a PDF viewer. I am not the brightest bulb in the pack, but I haven’t found a way to double-click the selection like Thunderbird. Viewing the PDF attachments is clunky. Viewing PDF attachments is the primary reason I started using Sylpheed.

Another quirk is sometimes the email window opens in the background, behind the Sylpheed main window. WTF territory.

Another quirk is Sylpheed stops responding to the Delete key. After launching I can press the Delete key to delete a mail and move to the next email. Yet for some reason, sometimes during a session this option stops functioning. Frustrating.

With these kinds of quirks I don’t know how software can “mature” to a so-called version 3.7. Sylpheed feels unfinished. I am finding too many rough edges with Sylpheed. Perhaps I am just not geeky enough.

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