Annoying Sylpheed Quirk

After only a few days I grew frustrated with a Sylpheed quirk. When I opened an email with the mouse on double-click the mail opened centered on the screen. When I opened an email by pressing the keyboard Enter key the mail opened in the upper left of the screen. This is irritating as Hell.

I much dislike tiling behaviors when I have not configured anything for that. Commonly I want windows opening centered.

The difference seems to be related to me not using a fixed Message View pane.

I could not find a remedy within Sylpheed. I created a Devilspie configuration.

    ( if 
    ( begin 
    ( is ( window_class ) "Sylpheed" )
    ( begin 
    ( center )

I accept that my needs are not the needs of others and that developers do the best they can. Nonetheless, seems each time I run into these kinds of irritations my tolerance levels diminish. That a tool like Devilspie is still needed in the year 2021 is absurd.

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