Instant Messaging

Outside of direct participation in forums, my only means of online communication is email. The main reason is managing online noise and interruptions. This seems to be a common theme in my thinking the past few years. There is too much noise.

Once upon a time I used IRC. Once upon a time I used instant messaging in a job. In both environments I found the experience distracting and annoying. The interruptions were disruptive and counter productive.

I use a flip phone for traveling. I can and have used text messaging with the flip phone. My experience with texting is the same as other forms of instant messaging.

Other than emergencies I rarely note any need for immediate feedback. I have been using email for three decades or so. Not once have I expected or demanded an immediate reply. I don’t understand the modern day expectation that because people can communicate around the world in real time implies people must reply in real time.

When I want immediate feedback I use real voices — face-to-face conversation or a phone.

Video conferencing? I'm not sending images of myself or office through third party servers that I can’t control.

I am not against instant messaging. Only that “ancient” technology still works the same as decades ago and helps people be just as productive. Perhaps one could argue that instant messaging — by design being disruptive, distracting, and often intended to provoke a Pavlovian response, is counter productive.

Perhaps I am a dinosaur. Perhaps I have turned into a grumpy old man.

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