Protecting Email Addresses

Many people pay little attention to their email addresses. Many depend on that address. Sadly, the address can be banned, deleted, or terminated at the whim of the provider. Without notice.

I use multiple email addresses. Some are “throw away” addresses. I use throw away addresses when I suspect I might see an increase in spam after initiating contact.

I use email aliases. These addresses serve a similar purpose. I can modify or delete those aliases to eliminate spam.

I use several providers. That way I don’t find myself stranded if a provider decides to terminate an account.

The sad part of how easily email addresses can be terminated is there is almost always no recourse. Contacting many large email address providers is almost impossible as well. Even if contacting the provider is possible, almost always the result will be a proverbial shoulder shrug by the provider.

I have been using email for more than three decades. I still find email management nominally stressful and cumbersome.

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