Disconnecting from the World

Within the past generation the popular acceptance of the world wide web and the advent of the smart phone has created a peculiar phenomenon — an expectation that people should be and are connected to one another 24/7. I am not a psychologist and don’t play one on TV, but this is an unhealthy expectation.

For my own mental health I try to shut down and remove myself from the world of connectivity.

Recently I had strong desire to be offline. I pulled the house router WAN side Ethernet cable. I used house computers intermittently for a few days without using the web. Some writing projects, shell scripts, and computer configuration maintenance. Those few days were refreshing and a nostalgic reminder of days gone by when people were not expected to be connected or tethered 24/7.

I have owned and used computers since the early 1980s. I am drawn to the idea of not using computers any more. There is a part of me that wants to check email once a week and otherwise just forget about the world. Whether that proves practical remains to be seen.

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