How I Use Linux Three Years Later

I few years ago I shared how I use Linux.

I no longer have a dedicated file server. I merged that role into the office desktop that is powered on most of the day.

Virtual machines (VMs) come and go. My primary VM is a Debian desktop that I use during the week days to work remotely as a Linux admin.

I no longer have anything to do with Ubuntu. I consider the Ubuntu desktop one of the paper cut champions.

I no longer have or need an apt-cacher, but I have one installed at work using Debian.

I still have the MATE desktop installed. Primarily I use Xfce because I can’t stand tool tips, which cannot be disabled in MATE. I still use the Caja file manager even when using Xfce.

I stopped using NewsFox and now use QuiteRSS. Likewise with ReminderFox, replaced with Thunderbird Lightning.

I wiped Nagios because with a home network I never found anything useful to do with the software. I use Nagios at work.

I still have Windows 10 on a VLAN system, but I don’t remember the last time I booted the system. I might boot the system when I feel sadistic and haven’t had a good cussing storm in a while. I realize many people have a need, but I have zip point zero need for Windows. I've been using Linux based systems for 19 years and exclusively at home for 11 years.

At home I am still a Slackware user. At work I use Debian on the desktop although I also support CentOS and Proxmox on servers.

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