Interesting Usage Observations

Two months have elapsed since retiring the dedicated server and merging the system with the office desktop.

As expected, the electric utility bill shows about 25 to 30 kw-hrs/month less consumption. There is reduced administrative overhead with one less system to maintain and backup, which means less stress.

Along with one less system to maintain, I am minimizing usage of the Lenovo T400 laptop. The battery pack is all but dead, which means being tethered to a wall receptacle all the time. I have been resistant to buying a new pack. Being tethered is not horribly inconvenient. I reduced laptop usage because I suspected the smaller screen contributed to eye strain and fatigue. Since reducing laptop usage my eye comfort has improved, somewhat confirming my suspicion.

I could shop for a laptop with a larger screen. I have not decided. Overall I do not want to spend the money, even for a refurbished system. Also partly because I am working at reducing overall computer time. Partly because the web is a cesspool, partly because computers seems to always be broken, partly to focus on other things in life.

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