Wonderful Firefox Addons

I hate the current fad of using overlays.

I very much dislike the new Reddit web site redesign.

I found two wonderful Firefox add-ons to resolve both irritants.

The NoScript addon provides a convenient way to remove overlays by using Click-Delete. A problem with this solution is the removal is temporary and does not help with subsequent web pages in the same domain. For example, the stupid overlays at all stack overflow sites and the top and bottom overlays at medium.com. Just classic WTF design. The Remove It Permanently (RIP) add-on resolves the problem.

Sadly the addon is not compatible with Firefox Quantum.

The new Reddit web site design is an atrocity. I receive related RSS feeds. When I visit the respective discussion at Reddit I am unable to do much. Worse, the new design requires the bane of the web to scroll through past discussions when visiting the forum main page.

Using the https://old.reddit.com site allows me to scroll through each forum and then with a simple Next link at the bottom of the page I can continue browsing older topics. The Old Reddit Redirect addon restores sanity to my web browsing by automatically intercepting and redirecting to the old site.

Excellent addons.

Web site developers these days seem incapable of designing usable web sites.

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