Migrating a Business to Linux — 11

After abandoning NFS and moving to CIFS, I decided to use a trick I had been using on the home LAN.

Rather than use DHCP with NetworkManager, I hard-coded the same IP address for both wired and wireless. I then returned to using NFS.

Toggling between the two connections then caused no problems or hiccups. No dispatcher scripts were needed.

I did stub my toes though. I tried to copy some ISO images to the office NAS. Repeatedly the copy attempt failed. I tried rsync. Nothing worked.

Eventually I noticed I had inserted the timeo=1 option into the NFS mount options. The timeo parameter is in deciseconds or tenths of a second. In other words, I had configured NFS to time out in one-tenth of second. The default is timeo=600 or 60 seconds. I deleted the option altogether and have no memory why I inserted the option.

Fortunately, nobody else had tried to copy any large files while I had that misconfigured.

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