The Bane of the Web

I surf the web with Firefox and the NoScript add-on. I never trusted JavaScript. Any web browser scripting. Affirming that mistrust are reports of JavaScript exploits seem never-ending.

Often I read how browsing without JavaScript breaks much of the web. That has not been my experience. At all.

While I am not a security expert and do not play one on TV, I am convinced that limiting JavaScript exposure is part of a sane strategy to remain safe on the web. Along with blocking undesirable domain names and disabling almost all cookies.

Not just to avoid malware attacks but reduce tracking and data mining too.

JavaScript is killing the web. Web developers these days seem incapable of creating simple sites. Sites containing simple links. Seems these days many links are scripts.

Before the turn of the century the web was a peaceful, benign place. JavaScript has had much to do with changing that nature. Contrary to claims that browsing without JavaScript disables much of the web, I find that doing so enhances my browsing. Otherwise browsing is less usable for me. Browsing without JavaScript is faster and safer.

I do not care whether a web site looks “modern.” I am interested first and foremost in information. My observation is the more “modern” a site is designed, the more bloat that is loaded and the slower the site becomes. I’ll vote for valuable content and readability any day over being “modern.”

Since the mid 1990s I have detested JavaScript. The Bane of the Web.

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