What My Web Browser Reveals About Me

I am watchful for information about protecting online privacy. The world always has been filled with privacy invasive pricks. People who believe every one but themselves should have no privacy. The world wide web simply amplifies the problem.

One invasive method is using the web browser to reveal user information. Guess what? Probably 95% of the information revealed depends upon cookies and the bane of the web. Simply put, without cookies and JavaScript almost all of these allegedly clever detection schemes fail. Period.

I don’t do the mind numbing Facebook. I don’t have Google accounts and only seldom use the Google search engine. Google cookies are permanently blocked as are certain Google domain names. Just because. I don’t shop online. I vigorously block ads. I use several web browser privacy related add-ons. I use private browsing mode in a different browser for irritating occasions when the garbage is needed.

I do not use a smart phone, the primary purpose of which is to mine data and track users and provide phone services as a secondary purpose.

Yes, without the cookies and the bane of the web a web browser still reveals a bit of information. None of which is useful.

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