Smart Technology

I do not own or use a smart phone. I do not own or use a smart TV. Or a smart watch. Or activity trackers.

Nothing in the house is a member of the Internet of Things. Light switches, smoke alarms, programmable thermostats, microwave oven, refrigerator, garage door opener, TV all require intentional human action to function. Automobiles are sufficiently aged not to be connected to anything online or in outer space.

Desktops and laptops run Linux based systems except for one VLAN isolated Windows machine that is seldom used and then only for testing and curiosity.

No satellite or cable TV to track viewing habits. No Netflix, Hulu, or Youtube accounts to track viewing habits. Online advertising and malware domains are zealously blocked. Google is avoided as much as possible. Bing is never used.

No online data accounts.

No Xboxes or PlayStations. Online gaming is meaningless to me.

A quiet and peaceable life.

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