Web Site Design Sucks

These days web site design really sucks. Sucks bad. Exasperating bad. Mobile device page design and idiotic overlays now are common and ruin web pages. Often these days when I visit a web site about half the page is useless with overlays. This is a particularly irritating problem on a 14 inch 1280x800 laptop screen.

The idiotic mobile device design requires scrolling pages to find useful information or links.

Let’s not forget that most web design is performed on monitors as big as TVs and designers don’t test their idiotic small fonts on smaller displays.

My web surfing these days now include using the Activate Reader View Firefox add-on as well as the helpful NoScript trick of clicking on overlays and pressing the delete key. Also the Read Easily add-on, which provides a one-click method of disabling the site CSS.

Much needed is a simple rendering trick to automatically delete overlays. Perhaps this is possible with userContent.css. Or, a method that detects overlays and automatically renders the page in Reader view.

For now my work-arounds will have to suffice.

This resembles my days of saving bandwidth on dial-up when I explicitly blocked images on all but a few web sites.

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