Remove Annoying Overlays

I discovered a great feature of the Firefox NoScript add-on.

When visiting a web site where an annoying JavaScript overlay is part of the theme, such as many Wordpress sites, click and hold the primary mouse button on the overlay. With many overlays this might include a center graphic — usually some kind of irritating swirling or bouncing widget, but this is not always the case. Then concurrently press the keyboard Delete key. Perhaps press the Delete key a second time.

Without temporarily enabling JavaScript the site becomes viewable.

This trick is good for removing overlays that reduce and interfere with reading space.

A similar option I long have used is the Read Easily add-on. With a single click or keyboard shortcut, the web site’s CSS is disabled, thereby exposing the text and graphics without any layout.

Another option to improve readability is using the built-in Firefox Reader.

JavaScript, the Bane of the Web.

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