A Funny Redshift Quirk

While probably not yet conclusive, there is some research that exposure to blue light at night affects the sleep patterns of many people. Redshift is a valuable utility to adjust computer screens away from the blue light color temperature.

I never seemed to be bothered at night by the lighting of the older cathode ray tube (CRT) monitors. I noticed a change when I started using LED monitors and TV.

I have been using Redshift for several years. I am so accustomed to the color shift that using a computer screen at night without Redshift hurts my eyes.

Some time ago I noticed a funny Redshift quirk.

When I remote in at night using VNC to a computer, the desktop colors are not affected by Redshift. Black is black. My local monitor is affected by Redshift, but I still see true colors on the remote desktop. Viewing the same desktop directly with the connected monitor shows the color changes. Black turns to blue because of the color shift. This puzzled me for a while when I was migrating all of my computers to Slackware 14.2. I thought the problem was related to 14.2. I could not figure out why I saw a difference in color between the two views. I have been using Redshift for so long that I had forgotten the daemon was running.

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