Throw Everything Away And Buy New

I ran into freezing problems while installing Windows 10 on another person’s computer. The problem seemed to be the NVidia drivers.

The computer had an NVidia Geforce 7300 LE video card. The card no longer is supported by NVidia and not supported in Windows 10. All Series 7 cards are considered end-of-life (EOL). The last issued drivers are all people can use.

I installed the Windows 8 version 309.08 drivers. Many people online reported no problems using the 309.08 drivers in Windows 10. Yet there I was with the system randomly freezing.

When I removed the 309.08 drivers the system freezes stopped. After fully updating Windows 10 with all recent updates and patches, I again installed the 309.08 drivers. That seemed to help.

For a while. Then the freezing returned.

In this particular case, the user got lucky. Not a gamer. Just a simple basic desktop user. His monitor is a 4:3 aspect ratio supporting 1280x1024, which Windows 10 supports natively.

Browsing the web indicates the Geforce Series 7 cards were popular and still being used by many people. That neither the NVidia nor Microsoft folks support such a popular video card is an indicator of how proprietary thinking works. Users are expected to buy new hardware despite the existing hardware being fully capable.

Corner users into buying new and shiny. That is the economic model practiced today. Declaring something EOL is a popular method for pushing that model.

Just another example why I dislike and seldom support proprietary software. Do the NVidia and Microsoft folks think filling land sites with more electronic waste is a solution?

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