Long Stall When Rebooting or Halting

When I updated from Fedora 21 to 22, more often than not I saw my system stalling when unmounting remote NFS shares during a reboot or halt. I could manually unmount with no problems.

I do not know what causes the stall.

The stall occurred only with Fedora 22 but not 21.

I did stumble across a possible pattern.

Typically the stall occurred when I booted to run level 3 and logged in as root to perform maintenance. Logging in as non-root and the problem did not occur.

The stall was related to my NFS share /home/public.

I added the following sledge hammer to root’s .bash_logout:

ls /home/public >/dev/null

That seemed to avoid the unmounting stall. I do not know why this happens only with root and only in non graphical boot.

More WTF fodder?

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