Understanding the Chasm

Most of what I write in this blog addresses the chasm between technical and non technical users, between users and developers. The chasm is caused by two different perspectives. The chasm results in various usability issues. This computer science college professor understands this chasm.

Linux based systems remain dominated by programmers and developers. As long as that continues, and as long as usability testing does not include non developer and non programmer users, Linux will remain at the fringe of the usability bell curve for non technical users.

Linux developers and programmers need to understand that the command line is a tool. Only a tool. While convenient to certain types of users, the command line is not a tool for most non technical users. To them the terminal is a hindrance. From a user perspective, the terminal is not intellectually interesting.

Just a tool. The majority of users see the computer as a tool and not a love affair. Or a religion. Stop using the terminal as a crutch or excuse to avoid developing robust GUI solutions. People just want to get work done, not become sysadmins.

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