Managing Conky in KDE

Conky is a handy tool but configuring can be cantankerous. Usually the normal, desktop or override option works fine with the own_window_type parameter. Those options are quirky with the KDE window manager.

The dock option seems to cause the least conflict with KDE. Even then sometimes the KDE window manager gets confused about window layering. When that happens the fix is minimize all windows. That seems to “dock” or render the Conky display to the lowest background level. Usually after doing that Conky and the KDE window manager do not fight during the remainder of the session.

Unlike other desktop environments, changing the conkyrc file while using KDE results in the display disappearing rather than refreshing. Possibly the display has refreshed, but somehow the KDE window manager is blocking the display. The solution is to kill and restart the conky process.

Fortunately the conkyrc file seldom needs changes.

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