KDE Activity Manager

Adjusting to the new T580 laptop continues. One oddball event is any time the chmod -R command is executed in the user’s home directory the KDE activity manager daemon goes batty. For about one minute top shows the CPU usage ramping to and reaching 100%, causing the CPU temperature to spike high, and triggers the CPU cooling fan into high speed.

Then, abracadabra, all is normal as though nothing happened.

Browsing the web finds some people not liking the daemon much. Attempting to disable with chmod -x /usr/lib64/libexec/kactivitymanagerd more or less renders KDE unusable.

A common recommendation is to exit KDE and delete all files in $HOME/.local/share/kactivitymanagerd/resources/. That remedy has no effect with this anomaly.

This oddity also occurs on the T400 laptop but not on the office desktop. All of the computers have SSDs. All systems are configured as identically as practical. Baloo is disabled in all systems. Limited data but the common point seems to be laptops.

Thankfully, the laptop CPU fans are quiet at high speed.

The root cause is unknown.

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