Globally Installing LibreOffice Extensions

After having settled on the Oxygen icon theme in KDE 5, launching LibreOffice (LO) triggered memories that the Oxygen icons once were available there too. Using the same icon theme provides consistency in non KDE software.

Except looking into the LO configuration dialog found no such icon theme.

Searching the web found the icon theme — as an extension.

Installing LO extensions is straightforward for each individual user. Not so for admins who want to install an extension globally for all users. Searching the web found no obvious solution.

Fortunately LO extensions are similar to LO data files — basically zip files. Extracting the contents of the oxygen-icon-theme extension to /opt/libreoffice/share/extensions/ renders the extension available to all users.

Curious that there is no admin option in the dialog to install an extension globally.

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