KDE VNC Termination

One tool used in the house network that was not tested fully after migrating to KDE and Slackware 15.0 is VNC.

Attempting to connect to a remote system running KDE always abruptly terminated the x11vnc server when hovering the mouse pointer over any icon on the panel. The x11vnc server could be restarted using SSH, but the way the process terminated rendered any VNC connection unusable.

Changing the remote desktop to Trinity Desktop Environment (TDE) or Xfce did not result in the same abrupt termination. VNC sessions with x11vnc have been stable for many years in the house network. The problem seemed specific to KDE.

Searching the web found an oddball noxdamage option for x11vnc. The option never had before been needed or used in the house network, but using that option resolved the problem.

There are related options, xd_area and xd_mem, that remain untested.

What causes the abrupt termination is unknown.

Problem solved but Yet Another Example why updating computers is so frustrating.

Something always breaks. Always.

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