Updating Operating Systems

Several operating system updates loom on the horizon for me. Part of me always detests the experience of updating. Something always breaks.


Reading change logs and release notes does not solve the problem. Something still breaks. Usually the breakage is not sloppy coding but changes that affect my usage. I am required to change my use habits or need to update scripts for different syntax or different outputs. Does not really matter the specific case, something always breaks.

I always first test updating in a trial environment. A virtual machine or spare partition. Some breakage is noticeable immediately yet often breakage is not noticed for days or weeks because with infrequently used apps or scripts. Does not really matter, something always breaks.

Slackware 14.2 is coming, as is CentOS 7.2. Then there is the merciless life cycle of Fedora. I am running Fedora 22 but Fedora 23 was released more than a month ago and various third party repos should now be updated. While I routinely keep my CentOS system updated, there are some systemd and upower updates that have not yet trickled into the repos and likely will not until CentOS 7.2 is officially released. The MATE desktop will not be updated in CentOS 7 to 1.12 until those systemd and upower updates are final. From a quick glance at the Slackware forum, looks like some major changes coming there too.

Something always breaks.


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