No Xauth Data

After updating the office desktop to Slackware 15.0, using SSH to access systems on the house network resulted in an annoying message:

Warning: No xauth data; using fake authentication data for X11 forwarding.

This message never appeared previously. The system SSH and user config files had not been changed.

The message appeared only when using a terminal window inside a desktop environment. The message did not appear when using SSH from a console or first unsetting the $DISPLAY environment variable inside the client side terminal window. Affected server side systems seemed not to be creating the $DISPLAY variable, which defaults to localhost:10.0.

Searching the web found many discussions but no solutions.

What changed since Slackware 14.2? Who knows. Eventually the problem disappeared and has not yet returned.

Newer is not always better.

Yet Another Example why updating computers is so frustrating.

Something always breaks. Always.

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