Samba and Vintage Computers

After updating the office desktop to Slackware 15.0, the vintage Windows systems in the house network no longer could connect to file shares.

Looking around the web indicated min protocol needed to be configured to NT1 for Windows NT4 and Windows 2000 (W2K) systems. That succeeded, but the Windows for Workgroups (WFWG) computers could not connect. To allow those systems to connect, min protocol needed to be configured to CORE. The smb.conf man page contains the same information.

The vintage computers are the only reason Samba is running in the house network. The Windows 10 virtual machine is untrustworthy and has only one limited shared folder to shuffle files with no direct connection to the house network.

Newer is not always better.

Problem solved but Yet Another Example why updating computers is so frustrating.

Something always breaks. Always.

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