Ransomware Victims Should Suffer

Humans live in a complex world. Computers have become horribly complex. People have different needs. Becoming a computer security expert usually is not one of those needs or desires and is beyond the reach of many people. While perhaps unrealistic to some degree, people want to treat computers the same they do other tools and appliances. They want things to function without significant knowledge and stress. Most people use computers as tools, a means to an end, with a goal of improving their lives.

A problem with ransomware is not poor computer security but the people behind such software. The reasons people invest energy in developing ransomware travels into a deep rabbit hole discussion about many topics and root causes around the human condition.

I wish ransomware did not exist. I wish people rejected the idea of hurting others as a way toward improving their own lives. I am not saying the people who develop ransomware are not scumbags, most probably are, but I am not going to ignore the incentives for creating such software.

Add into this disarray the snarky attitude of some computer professionals who show no mercy or compassion for those who are attacked by ransomware.

Being smug about people who get attacked through ransomware is not making the world any better.

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