Failed to Send Host Log Message

Some time ago I was annoyed with a Linux boot error message when run inside a VirtualBox virtual machine (VM):

Failed to send host log message

Poking around the web indicates many people are irritated by the message. Of course, there are the self-appointed nannies and soap box ministers who remind users the error is harmless.

The common recommendation is use a different VirtualBox Graphics Controller.

That eliminates the message, but the change prevents using a 1024x768 display window and being forced to work in a crammed 800x600 window.

I am not launching an X desktop. I am not using the VirtualBox guest additions and have no need. My VM remains in console mode.

Apparently the SNAFU is caused by the Linux kernel defaulting to using the vmwgfx video driver when VirtualBox is configured to use the VMSVGA Graphics Controller.

Fair enough. I eliminated the error message in /etc/modprobe.d by blocking the kernel vmwgfx video driver:

blacklist vmwgfx

I configured VirtualBox to use the preferred VMSVGA Graphics Controller.

On the next boot the Linux kernel defaulted to using the vboxguest video driver. The vexatious error message was history and I had a 1024x768 console window.

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