No POST No Display No Boot

I thought I would tinker more after configuring one of the AMD systems as a workstation and more flexible testing device. The not-well-admired old server has not been used in a long while. The box stared at me. “A challenge,” uttered Madred.

After pressing the power button there was no power on self test (POST) spew, no display, no boot.

I tried a different live ISO USB stick. Fearing a dead onboard video chip, I tried a discrete video card. I tried a different monitor.

I pulled the RAM sticks. Two beeps. Yes, the BIOS was functioning to some degree.

After about a half-hour or more of fiddling and cursing the system booted with no obvious reason.

Still no POST spew and no display until the expected error message about no installed operating system. There was a single beep at about the time when the POST completed unseen.

I figured that as long as I finally had the cantankerous machine’s attention I would install and configure a hard disk and add the system to the house network.

All went well through the session except there never was any POST spew.

The next day I was required to repeat the adventure. This time I removed the CMOS battery as well as temporarily changing the jumper to clear the CMOS configuration.

I tried a different power supply.


Again, similar to the previous day the system seemed to finally boot at will after a half-hour or more.

I checked the CMOS battery. Oops. Less than 1 volt. I accept a failed battery might cause some problems, but I do not recall ever seeing a system fail to display POST spew.

I replaced the battery and the system again booted with no POST spew.

With no POST spew I modified the BIOS to show the vendor logo. The vendor logo appears only for milliseconds — too quick — and often I failed to see the logo. Only diligent pressing the keyboard Pause button at the appropriate moment would halt the boot at the vendor logo. There is a short menu of keyboard options.

Several days later the system continued to boot without grief yet there still was no POST spew.

I tried various combinations of the BIOS options, all to no avail.

Was there ever any POST spew? Have I gaslighted myself? Even if there is no POST spew, which I doubt, the boot menu option should remain on screen long enough for people to respond.

Does not matter I suppose. This is just a poorly designed board.

I really hate that chicken board.

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