Web Browser Auto Suggest

The Mozilla folks again acted questionably with a new Firefox Suggest feature. The feature provides suggestions when typing inside the address bar. The idea is to somehow generate revenues.

The new feature is easily disabled. While the desire to generate revenues is nothing new or odd in the Firefox saga, how the Mozilla folks handled the feature is little more than the same story plaguing Firefox for the past decade or so.

Some people might find auto suggest tools helpful, but such features introduce privacy concerns. The concerns might be unfounded, but the controversy reveals something about how the so-called web browser that places privacy first is managed.

While some people defend the new feature to generate revenues, they miss the point that again users are much an afterthought. There is a notable lack of treating users with dignity and respect.

I find such features annoying. Search engines have worsened through the years anyway. Not to forget that the advertising business needs serious reform.

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