Ridiculing Windows

I have no special fondness for Windows or Microsoft, but often in Linux forums I see users ridicule Windows. Usually with a pompous and arrogant attitude. A hint of superiority.

This basic human nature response is understandable but annoying.

All computer operating systems suck to one degree or another. None are perfect. All have flaws.

Recently online I saw a person mocking the Windows network troubleshooter tool. The reality is Linux is not immune to network issues. One of the top complaints and requests for help with Linux is with networking, often wireless.

At least Windows is designed to try to help. That is not to suggest the Windows troubleshooting tool is robust or foolproof, but with Linux systems the approach is searching forums and listening to a bunch of geeks instructing the user to, “Open a terminal window and . . . ."

Also not recognized or acknowledged by people mocking Windows is special or vertical software. Many people have specific school and professional needs. For such people Linux based systems are not palatable — or usable. Geeks will shout about WINE and virtual machines, but often the sane solution for such people is continue using Windows without encumbrances or hacking.

I have been using Linux systems for more than 20 years and at home as my sole driver since 2009. I am content with Linux, but I accept the real world. The arrogant mockery is tiresome.

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