Windows 11

The Microsoft folks purposely obfuscate how to install Windows 10 Home without an internet connection or online Microsoft account. The obfuscation can be worked around by disconnecting the Ethernet connection and disabling the wireless radio switch.

Recent reports from around the web indicate that on first use the new Windows 11 Home edition requires both internet access and an online Microsoft account. Not to ignore other expensive requirements such as TPM 2.0, enabling secure boot, DirectX 12 compatible, and 64-bit only.

Ignoring for the moment that these requirements probably require many people to buy new computers, the initial word is these are mandatory requirements.

This so-called mandatory internet access and an online Microsoft account requirement has not yet seen the light of day. At this time Windows 11 is vaporware and not yet released officially. If mandatory is indeed the final word then there is some temporary breathing room because the full roll out to Windows 11 probably will take about two years before Windows 10 is declared obsolete to most users. Yet really — a mandatory internet connection and an online Microsoft account before people can use their own computer?


Why can’t people focus on creating a great operating system? Why do so many people choose the route of con artist? Why do people insist on playing shell games? Why do people choose vendor lock-in and and deceit to trick people into being data mined, tracked, and monitored? Why can’t people treat others with dignity and respect to make a better world?

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