The Insanity of Windows 10

While helping technicians at work with updating Windows 7 to Windows 10, I ran across some incredible information.

Beginning with Windows 10 1903, a fresh installation attempts to force users into creating an online Microsoft account.

No, really.

This deception occurs only with Windows 10 Home. Windows 10 Professional and Enterprise are not affected. Updating from Windows 7 is not affected.

Bypass this deception by ensuring there is no Internet connection. Disconnect the Ethernet. With laptops possibly disable the wireless radio switch.

When performing a fresh installation and creating the local user account, the installer attempts to force the user to create three idiotic and useless security questions.

No, really.

Bypass this nonsense by not entering a password until after the installation is fully complete.

When installing a fresh Windows 10 Home, there is no option about using Cortana. When the installer reboots the Cortana annoyingly launches.

No, really.

There is an icon at the bottom left to disable voice control, which then expedites the installation. The only way to disable Cortana is after installation using a registry reg file.

Software as a service? No, thank you. A steaming pile of excrement. Why do so many people tolerate this nonsense?

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