For a Better Experience Please Use Chrome

At work I was asked to install a proprietary software. The software uses a web browser interface. The software does some interesting and useful things, but like many web browser apps the software is the usual steaming pile of excrement based heavily on the bane of the web.

After installing in a test system I opened the software interface in Firefox and was greeted with the following message:

For a better experience, please use Chrome browser.

The words “Chrome browser” are linked to the Chrome web site.

I kid you not.

Shades of “Best Viewed With Internet Explorer.”

I suspected the next result but I opened the web page in Chromium. No such message.

WTF territory.

I found the message string in a file in the installation directory. I changed the string to read:

We want to mine data and track users. Please use Chrome browser.

I found a way to disable the message box.

The web continues to become more surreal. At least the Twilight Zone was entertaining.

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