Handling Disruptions

I notice many online requests for technical solutions to limit so-called distractions. People want technical solutions to ignore various software.

Basically people seem unable to ignore email, instant messaging, and other similar connections.

I suspect many if not most of these requests are from young people. The youngest generation has grown up being connected 24/7. These young people only have known the digital age. Much like the proverbial Pavlov’s dog, these people have been indoctrinated with the idea that they must respond immediately to any kind of digital interruption. Because of always being connected, many do not know how to focus.

I have seen the same behavior with people who own a smart phone. I have watched people who own smart phones participate in a live face-to-face conversation. When the smart phone rings these people instantly ignore the other people in the conversation to respond to the phone. Most of these people do not apologize for interrupting the conversation.

Lately I have been responding to this Pavlovian smart phone response by walking away.

Before the smart phone era I saw a similar behavior when people had call waiting with their land line phones. In the middle of a conversation the other person would abruptly and without apology put me on hold to take the other phone call. I would hang up.

Blaming technology is easy but will resolve nothing. This is a human behavior issue.

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