Ubuntu Printing

At work we no longer could print to the office HP LaserJet M201dw. The result was always a blank page. I was informed that printing at one time worked, but printing to that printer had been broken for a while. The printer is connected by network and not parallel port or USB.

I ran the hp-doctor command. I was informed a boat load of packages needed to be installed. I am not much of a betting person, but this time I was willing to bet that after installing packages the result would still be a blank page.

I should have found somebody to take the bet.

I booted into a Debian 10 system. After adding the office printers I had no problems printing to the M201dw.

Eventually I found a protocol difference in printers.conf. That resolved the issue.

I removed the superfluous packages.

I have no idea how the setting changed.

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