Debian 10 Boot Spew

I have been testing Debian 10 as a replacement for Ubuntu MATE 16.04.

At work we use a traditional /etc/rc.local file. I am well aware the high priests of systemd have declared that file deprecated and all users are supposed to bow and say, “Amen.”

I never have been good at conforming.

After initial Debian 10 configurations I saw boot spew from the rc.local file. I ran into this event previously. I remembered I resolved the problem, but I wrote no notes. I remembered after staring at my monitor for a few moments. Almost two years ago I had seen the output spew in our Proxmox systems. I think after a major Proxmox update. Proxmox is based on Debian.

At that time I had written a /etc/systemd/system/rc-local.service.d/debian.conf service file to silence the output spew.

    # Prevent rc.local output boot spew to stdout.


I added the file to my Debian 10 test system. No more boot spew from rc.local.

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