Remote Access Fun

I had some fun the other day.

Before leaving home for work, I started my VPN service on the home router.

While at work I connected with my personal laptop to my home VPN. Using Remmina I started a VNC session to my home office system. On my home office system I launched my encrypted virtual machine (VM) that I use for remote work access.

At work I powered on the imaging workstation. I started desktop sharing through x11vnc.

On my personal laptop I connected to my office system VM. In the VM I launched Remmina. From that Remmina session I connected to the imaging station instance of VNC.

Some latency was noticeable but bearable.

I showed and explained my setup to a work mate, who slowly shook his head sideways and smiled.

Oh, by the way, my personal laptop was sitting next to the imaging station.

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