Exit CentOS Enter Ubuntu

Of late I have been frustrated by annoying CentOS issues.

The last straw, of which I was already aware, is CentOS 7 being 64-bit only. That in itself is not headline news. The annoyance is the WINE package is compiled 64-bit with no 32-bit support. Running 32-bit Windows apps in the CentOS 7 version of WINE is impossible. At work we have a unique need to run a specific Windows app that is compiled 32-bit only. The Red Hat Bugzilla reveals that Red Hat developers are not going to support 32-bit.

As the old advice goes, try a different distro. My challenge is using something that is compatible with work. I would rather use Slackware in the virtual machine (VM) I created to separate work and personal computing. As I maintain this VM for others as well, I need to use a distro that others are familiar.

Enter stage right Ubuntu MATE 16.04. I maintain one such system at home and one at work. The distro is hardly unfamiliar territory.

After a few days of tinkering and elbow grease, I created a VM that I was content with. I then installed WINE and installed the 32-bit Windows app.

Exit stage left CentOS 7.

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