Presumed LAN Design

Recently at work I had a use case to install a system with web access but not local network access.

On this workstation I am using Ubuntu MATE 16.04. I wanted to configure the Caja file manager to not show the Network->Browse Network option in Places and not show the File->Connect to Server menu option.

I can disable local network access by removing packages or configuring outgoing firewall rules.

Those are ugly hacks because the options remain in Caja. When users try to use the options after implementing those hacks they receive geek error dialogs. This makes the computer look broken.

The real culprit here is in Ubuntu MATE, Caja is compiled with dependencies on gvfs. Removing the gvfs packages is not possible because that also removes the Caja package.

I appreciate that most computers these days are on a network. Nonetheless, there should be a simple way to disable the presumed network connections.

I have not found a palatable solution.

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