The Internet Is Becoming a Cesspool

The Internet, specifically the World Wide Web layer, provides humans significant benefits and advantages. Humans are much better off with the Internet and the web than without.

This connectivity is becoming a cesspool.

Human nature has always been prone to finding the easiest way to obtain satisfaction. Nothing new there and that nature is not bad or evil. The behavior is merely a form of efficiency.

Except when that desire exploits other people. Then humans are no different than any other species on the planet.

The design of the web accelerates and supports exploitive behaviors on a mass scale never seen before in human history. Daily there are stories about malicious software, ransomware, data breaches, DDoS attacks, surveillance, tracking, privacy intrusions, click-bait, fingerprinting, and other nefarious events.

The Internet and the web were not designed with security as a cornerstone concern. This oversight, easily attributed to naivety and benevolent attitudes, is now haunting users everywhere.

Remember to breath.

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