Nothing New Under the Sun

Mostly I am ambivalent about systemd. I prefer not using systemd on my home systems because of a specific use case requirement. I have not run into anything horrible with systemd on work servers. That should not be interpreted as being conclusive because servers are on 24/7 and are rebooted only with kernel updates.

Yet after all these years with systemd being the greatest thing since sliced bread, stories continually appear on the web from people who run into irritating systemd bugs.

One person reported reboot issues with systemd. The problem might be related with not properly unmounting file systems before terminating network services. The author does not know the root cause, but the information got me thinking about years of using NFS.

NFS is well known to be a steaming pile of dung when an NFS client can’t find the NFS server. Client systems hang forever when this happens. I thought this reboot problem description sound familiar. I ran into something similar when I was using Ubuntu, Fedora, and CentOS on my T400 laptop.

There’s nothing new under the sun.

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