MATE Desktop and Mouse Wheel Cycling

For a long time I have been irritated with a feature of MATE.

Mouse wheel cycling.

There are no GUI or dconf options to disable.

Hovering the mouse pointer and scrolling the mouse wheel results in the following:

  • Over the panel icons changes the app focus.
  • Over the workspace switcher changes the workspace.
  • Over a mate-terminal tab changes the tab.

These features are disruptive to my particular way of working. Often my hand drifts as I read and the mouse pointer often ends up hovering over one of these areas. I start scrolling the mouse pointer to scroll a web page or text editor and instead I am rudely interrupted with the focus changes.

Yes I know the snarky holier-than-thou solution — don’t let my hand drift while I read.

I see value in the features for certain users. Why developers do not provide simple GUI controls to disable the features is beyond me. This is another example why free/libre software fails users. Not everybody thinks these features are useful or necessary.

Perhaps I need to again look at Xfce. I remember that environment has GUI controls to disable the scrolling.

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