GTK3 Tooltips

As I progress toward removing the kinks with updating from Slackware 14.1 to 14.2, I noticed the GTK apps in 14.2 display tooltips. Tooltips are useful for non technical users and novices. Often they are a nuisance to experienced users.

With GTK 2 and up to GTK 3.8, users could manually disable tooltips. There was no GUI control to globally disable tooltips, but the option was available to anybody who wanted to edit a text based configuration file. This was an acceptable solution. For years I enjoyed using my computers with no tooltips in GTK apps.

With GTK 3.10 and thereafter these text file options are deprecated. The options in the configuration files are ignored. Users cannot disable tooltips.

I am not a C programmer to create a patch. I do not know how to disable tooltips. I find no global options using dconf-editor. Browsing the web indicates there is no way to disable tooltips.

A default of displaying tooltips is commendable. Removing the ability to disable tooltips is an awful decision.

Why do developers make such decisions? Why do they insist on playing the role of an 800 pound gorilla?

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