Firefox Lockdown

An addition to locking the MATE desktop on the living room media streamer is discouraging changes to Firefox.

Firefox is not well designed for this purpose but a lockdown is possible.

Using the userChrome.css file I disabled most of the menus. I configured a nominal Bookmarks Toolbar with a handful of sites.

Next is disabling as many as possible of the about: options, which includes about:config. Disabling that portal discourages backdoor changes. Using the userContent.css file accomplishes this:

    @-moz-document regexp("^about:.*") {
      html, page, window { display: none !important; }

Last is to disable keyboard shortcuts. For years I did this through the keyconfig add-on. Then the Mozilla developers crippled add-ons. Fortunately this add-on has been updated recently.

The desktop is locked and the system designed for auto login. While modifying the desktop or Firefox remains possible, most users will not bother with the work or energy required. For a home system that is good enough.

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