Basic Linux Commands

About weekly a link comes through my RSS feeds about using basic Linux commands. Many of the articles are a waste of time. Many are little more than click-bait fillers.

I appreciate that many of the authors believe they are providing some kind of service.

A fundamental problem with these articles is non technical users could care less. Why would such users want to learn about using the cat, cd, cp, dd, df, less, or more commands? They can and should be able to perform the same functions through the GUI desktop.

Why should such users open a terminal to update the system or software?

I would find working without a terminal to be a challenge. Conversely, stressing to use the terminal is not going to win people over to Linux. Geeks need to get over their love affair with the terminal. The terminal is but one tool.

When Linux distro developers stop presuming all users will use the terminal, Linux desktops will become more palatable for non technical users.

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