Microsoft Surface Woes

Microsoft Surface tablets are used by players and coaches in National Football League games. There have been several reports lately that the tablets are undependable. The common complaint seems to be freezing, which users seem to interpret as needing to reboot.

I presume most of the players and coaches are not technically savvy about computers. They would not have a clue about debugging the cause of the freezing.

At this point there can only be guesses about the freezing. To be charitable, my wild guess is the freezing is caused by poor wireless connectivity more than operating system defects.

Suppose the Surface tablets were replaced by something Linux based.

Linux geeks would respond to the freezing problems like this:

“Just open a terminal and type....”

“Press Ctrl+Alt+Backspace.”

“Restart NetworkManager.”

“A reboot is not required. Restart the affected service.”

“A reboot is not required. Drop to run level 1 and then return to run level 5.”

“Disable all unnecessary services.”

“Did you try XKill?”

“Is the software fully patched?”

“Recompile the kernel with this patch....”

“Recompile X with this patch....”

“Install an ad blocker.”

“Have you filed a bug report?”

“Works for me.”

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