Surfing Without JavaScript

I Turned Off JavaScript for a Whole Week and It Was Glorious

Nothing new here.

For years I have surfed the web without JavaScript. I allow only a few sites to use JavaScript through the NoScript add-on.

I never trusted scripting inside a browser. While web browsers are supposed to be designed to sandbox content, exploits do exist. More importantly, surfing without JavaScript reduces distractions and noise to almost zero.

I aggressively block ads outside the web browser. Yet even if I did not, disabling JavaScript avoids ads in a significant way.

Mostly I do not need JavaScript. I do not use online email. I do not enable JavaScript to read or write comments on blogs. I do not use any Google or Facebook service. I do not use inline PDF viewers.

I reduce user tracking by avoiding JavaScript. I avoid disruptive Flash unless I “click to play.”

The author wrote “I ran into some problems” with disabling JavaScript. Not really. Netflix and Youtube? They both use Flash, which requires JavaScript. Both can be controlled with click to play. Twitter? Who cares.

I am just as zealous about cookies. I allow cookies only for a few sites, most of which are discussion forum logins.

The manner in which I block advertising is a topic for another day.

When confronted with security vs. convenience, most often I choose security.

When confronted with distractions and noise vs. content and information, most often I choose content and information.

While many people claim that disabling JavaScript impacts the surfing “experience,” I have found just the opposite. For me web surfing without JavaScript is static, quiet, and an enjoyable experience.

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